《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash

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《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash (600ml)
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"Is it the tartar comes from my teeth!?"
it makes an amazing impression on beauty youtuber Toni sia

Yes, those tartar hide between teeth gaps cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Soften tartar and remove it
accompany with different flavors for breath freshening.
Original - best for beginner
nature propolis extract helps keep breath fresh

Whitening - turn yellow tooth to white
remove stubborn stains

Grab 2 bottles for ₱499/btl only!
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Sakura - with cherry blossoms extract
exclusive Japanese formula

Pomelo - gentle orange flavor
for whole family use 

Gold - moisturized with Hyaluronic acid
dry mouth leads to bad breath, especially as smokers.

New arrival - to go packs
easy to carry and keep fresh breath
3 boxes (18 packs total)

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