《CAST’EE》Whitening Face Scrub Mousse
《CAST’EE》Face Scrub Mousse(1 Bottle)→Discount Price: ₱ 799
《CAST’EE》Face Scrub Mousse (2 Bottles)→Discount Price: ₱ 1099 (₱ 550/Bottle)
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《CAST’EE》Whitening Face Scrub Mousse
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❣ It has been proven and tested that mousse penetrates better into deep skin making the exfoliation process more effective since pores are cleaned thoroughly.

❣ Formulated to gently and effectively exfoliate, moisturize, soothe, whiten and even out skin tone of the face without the burning sensation.

❣ Made from ingredients ideal for sensitive and dry skin, allowing gentle exfoliation.

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