《NEEFF》Pinky Areola Fading Cream Set
《NEEFF》Pinky Areola Fading Cream(1 Bottle)→Discount Price: ₱ 699
《NEEFF》Pinky Areola Fading Cream(2 Bottles)→Discount Price: ₱ 999 (₱ 499.5/Bottle)

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《NEEFF》Pinky Areola Fading Cream Set
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❁Are you confident enough to show your private parts in front of your mates?
Study shows that 97% of men feel happy because of women’s pinky body skin.《NEEFF》Pinky Areola Fading Cream can do so!

❁Appear glamour and pinky body skin tones
Areola, underarm, private place and so on won't darken pigment.

❁Within a month, you can rekindle your mates' feeling and surprise them.
You won't be afraid to expose your upper and lower body.

❁ Before & After
Apparently change dull and dark skin to pinky color.

❁Irresistible temptation of pinky skin for your mates
Interrupt melanin production and get rosy skin.

❁100% natural ingredients are safe and effective.
Won't hurt your private parts' skin at all!

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