《Cinderrella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1
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✶✶ Important: If your waistline is 25-28 inches, please choose size S; If your waistline is 25-30 inches, please choose size M; If your waistline is 29-32 inches, please choose size L; If your waistline is 31-34 inches, please choose size XL.

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《Cinderrella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1
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❁ Size Chart
* This product can NOT be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

❁ Recommendation! Grand debut of stunning body shaper!

It’s very important for you to wear comfortable shapers. Easy to sculpt your figure.

❁ There is a secret how to be a spicy girl~

❁ Once you wear it, you can have a convex figure like model~

❁ Sculpt upper parts of body and get slim, flatten belly and correct hunchback.

❁ Press and gather your fat by wearing a shaper~

❁ Have a shaper to tighten fat and get back youthful figure~

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