《Lady Wikiki》Gold kiwifruit enzyme tablet*1 (33 pills/ bag)

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➣ If you are fastfood junkie, you may have some constipation, obesity, and imbalanced diet…
With 1 bag of《Lady Wikiki》Gold kiwifruit enzyme, you can have S-Shaped sleder waist~

➣ They all tried kiwifruit enzyme and get great effect~
What are you waiting for?

➣ There are many pros about kiwifruit enzyme.
Kiwifruit enzyme can adjust physiques and boost metabolism.

➣ 《Lady Wikiki》help you improve bowel movement and get slender figure.

➣ How to solve the problems to no defecation for 7 days?
《Lady Wikiki》will tell you how to defecate smoothly~

➣ Let’s see why you will love it~

➣ Natural Kiwifruit Enzyme helps you digest and defecate easily~
☑ Non-preservative ☑ High- Quality ☑ SGS Certification

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