《BioHerb》Anti-Aging Tripeptide Repair Complex*1 (12 ML/PIECE)

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《BioHerb》Anti-Aging Tripeptide Repair Complex*1
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❤ Getting smooth skin like children is NOT a dream anymore!!

❤ 《BioHerb》Anti-Aging Copper Tripeptide Extra Repair Complex can treat damaged skin cells no matter how old you are~

❤ Don’t you believe the effect of 《BioHerb》Anti-Aging Copper Tripeptide Extra Repair Complex?
What a pity! It means you won’t experience miracle change for your skin…

❤ It’s apparent improvement that you can observe~

❤ Precious ingredients that helps you take care of your skin~

❤ Approved by ISO & GMP Certification

❤ Direction of Use
Give you a bright face~

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