《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill Set
①《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill (1bag) →Discount Price: ₱ 750
②《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill (2 bags) →Discount Price: ₱1250 (₱ 625/Bag)

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《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill Set
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❏ Look Younger Than Your Real Age~
①1 Bag-《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill
②2 Bags-《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill

❏ Do you confirm that every collagen pill that you takes is 100% fully absorbed by your body?

❏ How do you compare collagen pills of brands?
It’s correct to compare how much you can absorb~

❏ After 25 years old, you body start to reduce functions.
You will get wrinkles, be hard to heal wounds and lose mineral density of bones

❏ However, 《BHK’S》Advanced Collagen Pill send to intestine successfully~

❏ What is our advantages?

❏ We aren’t afraid of you to compare to other brands~

❏ Common questions that you may ask~

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