Comprehensive Whitening makes you Pretty
《BHK’S》Whitening Vitamin C pills Set (30 pills/bag)

《BHK’S》Whitening Vitamin C pills (1 Bag)

Discount Price: ₱ 550
《BHK’S》Whitening Vitamin C pills (3 Bags)

Discount Price: ₱ 1099 (₱ 366/Bag)

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《BHK’S》Whitening Vitamin C Pills Set (bag)
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Jayla 's multifuctional supplement makes skin younger

Daily supplement for whitening and beautifying!

Multifunctional supplement for getting healthy and looking young.
Supply necessary minerals that maintain membrane complete


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Improve your metabolism and clean out body waste!
Become a beautiful white lady is not a dream.

Double layer supply energy immediately and also continue sustained release to maintain whitening.

Don’t need to buy a lot of fruits anymore! 


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