《TT MAX》16 Hours Color Stay 2-Step Liquid Lipstick

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《TT MAX》16 Hours Color Stay 2-Step Liquid Lipstick
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Long lasting for 16 hours! Unless you use Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

Do you want to stay beautiful whenever you are eating, drinking or playing?

Lipstick created to help express your personality..

Liquid Lipstick - Perfectly draw the shape of your lips
Lip Moisturizer - 5 effective ingredients to solve the problems to your lips.

High quality lipstick designed for long-lasting style. 

Which color do you want to wear on your lip today? (5 choose 1)
(1) Burning Red (2) Cherry Sweet (5) Nude Pink (6) Strawberry Love
(7) Champagne Nude

Liquid Lipstick on trial (No.5 Nude Pink)
Out of spirits (Looks so pale...) ➔ In good look (Looks in the pink)

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