《TT MAX》16 Hours Color Stay 2-Step Liquid Lipstick

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✿ Long lasting for 16 hours~ Unless you use Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

✿ Do you want to stay beautiful whenever you are eating, drinking or playing?

✿ Lipstick created to help express your personality.
✿ The answer to any lip problem.

✿ Choose from 5 different colors!

✿ What can《TT MAX》16 Hours Color Stay 2-Step Liquid Lipstick do for you??
Liquid Lipstick - Perfectly draw the shape of your lips ~~
Lip Moisturizer - “5” effective ingredients to solve the problems to your lips.

✿ High quality lipstick designed for long-lasting style. 

✿ Which color do you want to wear on your lip today?
(1) Burning Red (2) Cherry Sweet (5) Nude Pink (6) Strawberry Love
(7) Champagne Nude (5 choose 1)

✿ Real Case : Liquid Lipstick on trial (No.5 Nude Pink)
Out of spirits (Looks so pale...) ➔ In good look (Looks in the pink☺)

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