《TT MAX》Kiss Tint Triple Shot Lipstick*1 (8 choose 1)

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《TT MAX》Kiss Tint Triple Shot Lipstick*1
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✿3D Attractive~~ Give you Korean girls’ lip!!

✿Only 1 second!! Profession-like lip gloss~~

✿Choose a suitable look for you~~
Style 1. Classic Korean-style bitten lips!! Apply darker color inside and lighter color outside. So adorable~~
Style 2. American-style pursed lips!! Apply lighter color inside and darker color outside. Sexy pused~~
Style 3. Straighten 3 colors!! Straighten and mix 3 colors to solve the problem like dull lips. So natural~~

✿Falling in love with yourself~~ More sexy! Complexion UP!

✿Moisturize your lips~~ Soft✘Pursed

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