No More Bad Breath,keep fresh breath all day!

《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash Set

₱2399 for 6 btls , get each one ₱399 !! 

《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash Set

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√ Contains active ingredient Propolis, a natural antiseptic for bad breath.
√ All visible! soften and remove hidden tartar, just spit it out. 
√ 600ml economy-size keep a health dental for long!
√ Won’t hurt sensitive teeth and gums.

√ Gain your confidence back with refreshing fresh breath.
√ Prevents tooth decay by washing away solidified dirt.

NOTICE : Effectiveness varies from person to person


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"Is it the tartar comes from my teeth!?"
it makes an amazing impression on beauty youtuber Toni sia

Yes, those tartar hide between teeth gaps cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Soften tartar and remove it
accompany with different flavors for breath freshening.
Original - best for beginner
nature propolis extract helps keep breath fresh

Whitening - turn yellow tooth to white
remove stubborn stains

Sakura - with cherry blossoms extract
exclusive Japanese formula

Pomelo - gentle orange flavor
for whole family use 

Gold - moisturized with Hyaluronic acid
dry mouth leads to bad breath, especially as smokers.

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Product detail
《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash Set

① ₱999 for 2 btls - Original*1+Whitening*1《Propolinse》Mouthwash
Contents : 

Original -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *1 
Whitening -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *1

② ₱1799 for 4 btls - Original*2+Whitening*2《Propolinse》Mouthwash
Contents : 
Original -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *2
Whitening -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *2

2399 for 6 btls - Original*2+Flavors*4《Propolinse》Mouthwash
Contents :
Original -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *2
Whitening -《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *1
Pomelo-《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 
600ml *1
Gold-《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml *1
Sakura-《Propolinse》Refreshing Mouthwash 600ml 

Shel Life : 3 years from manufacturing date
Place of Production : Korea

Direction of Use

Refreshing Dental Mouthwash (600ml)
1. Shake well before using.

2. Gargle full strength with ½ cap (15ml) of solution for 20~30 seconds. Do not swallow.
3. You might see brown residues when you spit it out, do not worry this is a sign that the product is working.
4. Lock the bottle tightly after use.

1. Non-oral solution, do not drink, and store at room temperature.

2. If there is any abnormality, allergy or any other symptoms in the oral cavity, or if you feel unwell, stop using it immediately and consult a physician.
3. Please keep out of the reach of young children.
4. This product contains natural ingredients, and may change color due to natural weather changes. Do not worry and continue to use as indicated.
5. ropolinse contains traces of alcohol, it is not recommended for children to use.

Delivery and Payment Options
- Cash on Delivery (COD)

- For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
- Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days                    

《Propolinse》Refreshing Dental Mouthwash Set 399
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