Be My Valentine 1 Plus 1

A Perfect date guideline
9 items choose 2 for ₱1199

《Be my Valentine》A Perfect Date Guideline

√ Go and win his heart! Shopping 99 select 9 beauty items for you to look perfect in your date from day to night. Impress your date mate with flawless skin, charming make up look and the most important one – a perfect body curve!

√ Save money on date budgets, choose any 2 for ₱1199 (save more than ₱1,000!)

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CHECK POINT 1 - Impress him at first sight ♥

Tips to take good care of your skin so you can have a perfect make up look

CHECK POINT 2 - Fall in love with your perfect body ♥

Some tricks for you to get closer, and many more!

1 PLUS 1 saves more

Choose any 2 for ₱1199, original price was over ₱2,199!


Product detail
9 items choose 2 for ₱1199                   

- 《CAST’EE》Whitening Essence (30ml)
- 《BioHerb》Royal Jelly and Egg Shell Silk Soap (2 PCS)
- 《RealWoman》Breast Enhancer Drink (10 bottles / box)
- 《BHK’S》Whitening Vitamin C (30 pills / bag)
- 《a’rin》Pore Tightening Essence (30ml)
- 《Fay Jardin》Whitening Hair Removal Set
- 《Hypanique》Skin Rejuvenator Masks (5 sachets / box)
- 《IVYMAISON》Nipple Pink Dual Cream(1 box) + Free gift
- 《N.A.F》Extreme Eyeliner Trio (2 liners + 1 remover)

How To Use
Please refer to the attached user description.

For external use items:
1. Perform skin test for first time use.

2. If you are experiencing discomfort such as swollen skin or rashes, stop using the product and seek assistance from a health professional.

For internal use items:
1. If you are taking any medication, consult first with your physician.

2. Please read user description before consumption.

Delivery and Payment Options
- Cash on Delivery (COD)

- For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
- Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days

《Be my Valentine》A Perfect Date Guideline 1199
If you have any problems about products, pls indicate which products you are concerned about and pm Thank you very much~
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