Your Choco for Weight Loss!

《MIDOKAWA》Bulletproof Cocoa (12 packs)


《MIDOKAWA》Bulletproof Cocoa (12 packs)

Love sugary drinks but worry about your weight? How about indulging in rich cocoa drink that is low calorie, not only satisfies your craving but also enjoy the slimming effect from it!
√ Strengthen metabolism up to 140%
√ Burning fat up to 300%
√ Increase satiety, no more hungry tummy
√ Made from the most fragrant rare top quality Criollo Cocoa Beans from Peru
√ Rich and smooth, energy supplement without worry, effectively help burn fat!

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Weight loss without hungry tummy!
Coconut oil extract to help increase metabolic rate
up to 140%
effectively burns fat and increases satiety

No-hungry and full of energy
Low in calories, Rich in flavor!

Made from rare high quality Criollo cocoa beans
Only found in Peru

Repel weight stagnation dilemma!

Exercise plus bulletproof cocoa, metabolic rate is better!

Product detail
Net Content : 15g x 12 packs
Ingredients : Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Concentrated Cocoa Powder, Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Casein Phosphopeptide, Cerium Oxide
Place of production :  Taiwan
Shelf Life : 2020.02


How To Use
Recommended 1-2 packs a day, add a pack of MIDOKAWA bulletproof cocoa (15 grams) to the cup, then add 180 ml of warm water.


Note: People who meet the following conditions are not recommended to consume
- diabetic
- high blood pressure
- hyperlipidemia
- kidney disease
- gout
- pregnant women
- growing adolescent teens & children


Delivery and Payment Options
- Cash on Delivery (COD)
- For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
- Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days

《MIDOKAWA》Bulletproof Cocoa (12 packs) 630
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