Cleaning  teeth , Say Goodbye to Tartar

《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening tooth powder
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《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Tooth Powder

Oral health is very important to every person. Severe oral problems will not only kill off your self confidence but also cause a discomfort and pain over time. Having beautiful teeth naturally are the dream of everyone, so that they can smile and interact with people without being embarrassed. Our natural herbal whitening toothpaste from Fay Jardin not only is teeth whitening, but it also freshens breath for long with its herbal formula. Expel ugly tartars and plaque with this vegan friendly toothpaste! Make your smile your best weapon without costly dental visits!

√ Contains natural and organic ingredients
Experience a “dentist clean” teeth
Whitens teeth naturally
Antibacterial properties for gum health and sensitive teeth
Fresh breath that lasts for long

NOTICE : Effectiveness varies from person to person

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Your toothpaste might be fooling you

Lost your confidence and always covering your mouth?

Now,You can bring your white teeth back!
Introducing《Fay Jardin》- all natural tooth powder

Made with natural ingredients, 100% safe and effective!

Formulated specifically provide the best oral care.
Recommended and tested by trusted institutions.

Worthy combo for family daily oral care
P174 / box ONLY!


Product detail
《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Tooth Powder
① 1 box    - P499 per box《Fay Jardin》Whitening Tooth Powder
② 2 boxes- P349 per box《Fay Jardin》Whitening Tooth Powder
③ 4 boxes- P224 per box《Fay Jardin》Whitening Tooth Powder
④ 8 boxes- P174 per box《Fay Jardin》Whitening Tooth Powder

Net Content : 25g / box
Shelf Life : 3 years from manufacturing date
Product Origin : Taiwan

How To Use
1. Apply an ample amount on your brush, gently move the brush back and forth in short (tooth-wide) strokes.
2. Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of the teeth.
3. Brush teeth thoroughly after meals for at least 3 minutes or more for a better cleaning.

1. Do not swallow, to minimize swallowing use a pea-sized amount.
2. Store product in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.
3. Content should be used within 2 months after opening.

Delivery and Payment Options
- Cash on Delivery (COD)
- For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
- Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days

《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Tooth Powder 499
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