♛♛ Portable Oral Irrigator/Dental Flosser! ♛♛
《E-Bayshop》Portable Oral Irrigator for Teeth Cleaning *1 for ₱799
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➔ For deep cleaning that ordinary toothbrush can’t reach.
➔ Powerful yet gentle ultra-fine jet stream to dislodge food.
➔ Perfect oral care for teeth with braces.
➔ Cuts flossing time in half.
➔ Ergonomic and portable, so easy to carry.
➔ No batteries or outlet needed!

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1. Improves your dental and oral hygiene!

2. So easy to use, designed for everyone!

3. 5X better than traditional string floss.

4. Product is recognized globally.

Product detail
《E-Bayshop》Portable Oral Irrigator for Teeth Cleaning *1
Materials: Food-grade ABS/PC/Stainless steel
Product Dimensions: 3cm (diameter) X 21cm (height)
Shipping Weight: 150g
Manufacturing Date: Refer to the package
Place of Production: China
Direction of Use:
1. Fill with lukewarm water and place tip in mouth.
2. Close lips to prevent splashing, while allowing water to flow from mouth into sink.
3. Start with the back teeth and pause briefly between teeth, aiming the tip just above the gum line at a 90 degree angle.
1. Never fill with hot water. Gums can be very sensitive and easily damaged by hot water.
2. Avoid pushing the tip irrigator jet against teeth or gums.
3. Never use this device for cleaning any other part of the body such as ears or eyes.
4. Please note that those with sensitive gums may experience light bleeding the first few times they use this irrigator. If bleeding persists, please consult your doctor.
Delivery and Payment Options:
1. Cash on Delivery (COD)
2. Free shipping (via LBC)
    - For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
    - Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days

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