Flatten Your Belly and Minimize Waistline
《Shopping Sweetie》Super Elastic Waist Shaper (S/M/L)
Color: Beige, Black, Pink at your choice
1 Piece= PHP 550 Today Only

《Shopping Sweetie》Super Elastic Waist Shaper *1

❦ Flatten your belly and minimize waistline
❦ Shape your body and give you sexy body curve
❦ Made of breathing and super elastic cloth
❦ 3 colors at your choice: Beige, Black, Pink
Notation: This product is not returnable once the packaging is removed due to hygiene reasons

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❣ Flatten your belly and minimize waistline to shape your body!!

❣ Cover belly fat, waist fat, and shape your body effectively!

❣ Reduce waistline effectively: 3.5 inches lost!!

❣ 3 lines of 13 hooks and super elastic cloth boost shaping effects!

❣ Beige: Shaping you invisibly under all light color clothes!

❣ Black: A body shape modifying color, making you even sexier!

❣ Pink: Girl’s favorite color! A most-have for sweeties!


Product detail
《Shopping Sweetie》Super Elastic Waist Shaper*1 pc
Size: S/M/L at your choice

Color: Black /Beige /Pink
Material: Nylon 85%, Spandex 15%
Product Place: China

1. Wash by hand with neutral detergent then dry it indoors.
2. Do not dry it through a dryer.
3. Do not pool it too hard when wearing to prevent damage.
4. Do not wear the shaper for too long the first time you put it on, and gradually increase the time you wear it to let your body get familiar with the pressure better.
5. The shaping and pressing effects will gradually fade after long term of usage.
6. If you feel irritated or uncomfortable, please stop wearing the shaper and consult with medical personnel.
Notation: This product is not returnable once the packaging is removed due to hygiene reasons.

《Shopping Sweetie》Super Elastic Waist Shaper *1 550
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