❁❁ Take Care of Your Skin & Suppress Appetite to Keep Fit ❁❁
《CHiC》Advanced Collagen Milkshake-Raspberry Flavor*1 (200g/ bag)
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➪ It works on both genders!!!
➪ Increase Satiety- The product makes you feel full easily, so you won’t eat too much.
➪ Raspberry Fragrance- Taste great with milk, water, or juice and smell like raspberry.
➪ Help You Digest- Safe, Healthy, and No Burden with High Concentration of Natural Ingredients like Collagen and Raspberry!
➪ FDA Certification- Care your skin and keep your fit safely~
Notice: The degree of the effect differ from different physiques!

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➣ Blogger Recommendation!!
Not only taste delicious but keep fit meanwhile~

➣ FDA Certification- Guarantee your safety!

➣ With nutritious ingredients & strict manufacturing process, you will feel energetic and be in good mood every day~

➣ Extracted from France Raspberry and taste great.
Unlike other brands’ Collagen powder, 《CHiC》Advanced Collagen Milkshake is easy to absorbed by your stomach.

➣ We devoted to providing best nutritious supplement for you~

➣ Top Collagen Milkshake you can not miss.

➣ You can drink《CHiC》Advanced Collagen Milkshake every moment.

➣ FDA Approved

Product detail
《CHiC》Advanced Collagen Milkshake-Raspberry Flavor*1
Content: 200g/ bag
Ingredients: Collagen, Maltodextrin, sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Instant Raspberry Juice Powder, Isomalto oligosaccharide, creamer, soy protein, CMC, Raspberry Flavor Powder, Richberry powder, Vanilla Powder, Konjac Flour, DL-Malic acid, Vitamin C, Milk Flavor
Powder, Sucralose.

Storage Life: 2 years
Place of Production: Taiwan
Direction of Use:
1. Consume 2 spoons (about 6.5g) each day.
2. It is suggested to consume the product after meal.
3. The product can be eaten directly or be added to warm water, milk, and any other kinds of drinks.
1. Children, people who are taking medicine, having special physique, pregnant or breast feeding, and those who are allergic to any ingredient contained in the product should consult with medical personnel before consuming the product.
2. If you make the collagen powder into drink, please finish it as soon as possible once you add the collagen powder to it.

《CHiC》Advanced Collagen Milkshake-Raspberry Flavor 999
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