Suitable for All Kinds of Skin- Get More Whitening Skin 
《Hido》Loofah Calm Skin and Anti-Acne Soap*1 (100 g)
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1 box - P750 per box《Hido》Loofah Soap

✩ 1 Soap = Many bottles of shower gel! You can mildly wash the whole body.
✩ Natural Loofah Without Burden- Moisturize your skin. Even without makeup, you are still beautiful.
✩ Hand-made without any chemicals- No chemical! No preservative! No pigment!
✩ Remove Dead Old Skin- No harmful to skin+ Low irritation
✩ Many Effects in 1 Soap- ✔ Smoothen ✔ Exfoliate ✔ Balance Oil-Secretion ✔ Moisturize

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✿ Many Filipinos ask《Hido》Loofah Calm Skin and Anti-Acne Soap information before selling in Philippines
Low irritation- Suitable for Adults+ children~

✿ Patty only use the soap 15 days… Skin becomes more whitening, moisturizing and is mildly exfoliated!

✿ US Network Recommended! Dense bubble ”soap” is very high-quality cleanser.

★★★★★ High Customers Satisfaction ★★★★★

✿ Hand-made! Pleasant smell+ Low irritation
Slightly smell of Essential oil can help you relax and feel no disgusting. The soap really increases your moisturizing degrees and exfoliates your skin without irritating.

✿ Taiwanese bloggers all recommend the Loofah Soap~

✿ Deeply wash all dirt away! Reappear healthy and beautiful skin ~
Enjoy the most natural soap pressed by the cooling technology in the shower time~

✿ Extracted by pure natural essential oil. No pigment+ No preservation+ No Irritation! Bring away redundant dirt from surface skin.

✿ 1 Soap = Many bottles of shower gel. Regain your skin naturally~

✿ Natural Ingredients~ Moisturizing+ Exfoliating+ Softening

✿ Approved by SGS!

Product detail
《Hido》Loofah Calm Skin and Anti-Acne Soap*1
Content: 100 g
Ingredients: Loofah water、Loofah、Aloe vera extract、Cucumber Extract、glycerin、Deionized water、Organic Lemon verbena flower、Papain、shea butter、Acid Yellow 23、Acid Blue 1、Sodium cocoate 、Sodium castorate、Sodium palmitate 、Propylene Glycol、 Cocoa Butter 、Sugar、Fragrance
Storage Life: 3 years
Place of Production: Taiwan
Direction of Use:
1. Rub the soap with both hands and add water until bubbles shows up. Then, wash hands with water.
2. Please only apply bubbles on your face. Don’t rub your face with the whole soap.
1. Keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.
2. Keep the product away from children.
3. If you find the mask irritating to your skin, please stop applying it and consult with a dermatologist.

1 box - P750 per box《Hido》Loofah Soap 750
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