❤❤ Become A Gorgeous Sprite With Adorable S-Shaped Figure ❤❤
《Cinder&rella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1 (only Purple)
✶✶ Important: If your waistline is 25-28 inches, please choose size S; If your waistline is 28-30 inches, please choose size M; If your waistline is 30-31 inches, please choose size L; If your waistline is 31-33 inches, please choose size XL.
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《Cinderrella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1

♗ Romantic Purple- You will be a beautiful gorgeous sprite with great figure.
♗ Trim Waist- Create S-Shaped Curve and flatten your belly.
♗ Mild Pressure- Help you sculpt figure and correct posture.
♗ Breathable Emulsion- You won’t feel any uncomfortable when you wear it.
* This product can NOT be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

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❁ Recommendation! Grand debut of stunning body shaper!
It’s very important for you to wear comfortable shapers. Easy to sculpt your figure.

❁ There is a secret how to be a spicy girl~
Recently, someone say that I am slender than before. However, I only wear a shaper.

❁ Once you wear it, you can have a convex figure like model~

❁ Sculpt upper parts of body and get slim, flatten belly and correct hunchback.

❁ Press and gather your fat by wearing a shaper~

❁ Have a shaper to tighten fat and get back youthful figure~

Product detail
《Cinder&rella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1
Color: Purple
Material: 100% Cotton, 96% Natural Rubber, 4% Spandex

Product Place: China
Direction of Wash:
1. Please use the neutral detergent and clean water under 30℃ to wash the product.
2. After washing the product, please gently wring it and put it in a cool place to dry.
3. Please do not put the product into the washing machine to spin. Do not use laundry bleach and smooth it with a high temperature iron.
4. Please wash the product by your hands to prevent the spandex from being destroyed by washing machine.
5. Do not dry it through a dryer.
1. Please do not pull with force in case the product is damaged
2. This is similar like normal clothing; depending on the frequency you wear, the easier it is to fall off, the product effects would decrease.
3. When you first use your product, it is suggested to slowly increase the frequency of wearing for your body to adjust.
4. If you feel any discomfort wearing it, please stop and consult your physicians
5. The shaping and pressing effects will gradually fade after long term of usage.
** Can not be returned once you wear the product due to personal hygiene issues. Please make sure that you select the correct SIZE before submitting the order.

《Cinderrella》Gorgeous Emulsion Body Shaper*1 899
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