♟♟ Get A Pair Of Panty Hose Without Embarrassing Stitches ♟♟
《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose *5 pairs 
Color: Black/ Beige at your choice
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《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose *5 pairs

♞ Strong Enough! Will not damage easily!!
♞ Transparent T-shaped design! Hide the embarrassing stitches!
♞ Great in Elasticity and Ductility.
♞ Revealing confident and sexy while wearing it.
♞ Made in Taiwan! MIT Qualified.

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✙ Even sharp knife can not lacerate《Amiss》T-Shaped Panty Hose~

✙ Beautify your legs and become leggy babes

✙ Take 5 pairs of 《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose back home and become a elegant beauty~

✙ NEW TREND ALERT- Summer Fashion Indicator!! ~ ❤❤
✔Black  ✔Transparent  ✔Sexy

✙ You won’t damage 《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose easily!
Don’t be afraid to wear it without carefulness~

✙ You won’t feel humidity once you wear it~

✙ The great advantage is that there are no embarrassing stitches on your legs~

✙ Compare to other brands of 《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose~
You will see how valuable it is~

✙ Create your stylish~

✙ 《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose is easy to go with clothes~

《Amiss》T shaped Panty Hose *5 pairs
Color: Black/ Beige
Material: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastic Fibers
Denier: 20
Net Content: 50 g

Size: F (from M ~ XL)
Waistline: 58cm ~ 78cm
Hipline: 85cm ~ 110cm
Place of Product : Taiwan
Direction of Wash
1. Please use the neutral detergent and clean water under 30℃ to wash the product.
2. After washing the product, please gently wring it and put it in a cool place to dry.
3. Please do not put the product into the washing machine to spin. Do not use laundry bleach and smooth it with a high temperature iron.
4. Do not dry it through a dryer.

《Amiss》T Shaped Panty Hose *5 pairs 500
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