♣♣ Whiten Your Face, Lighten Scars on Your Face ♣♣
【BioHerb】Pearl Luxury Whitening Balm*1 (30ml/ bottle)
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【BioHerb】Pearl Luxury Whitening Balm*1 (30ml)

❦Evens out uneven skin tones.

❦Protects the skin and slows down the development of the visible signs of aging.

❦Whitening cream brightens, refreshes and lightens face, hands and body.

❦Covers blemishes, leaves skin looking flawless and healthy.

❦Effective and safe skin lightening without harsh bleaching.

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Effective skin whitener that offers protection at the same time.

Formulated specifically for Asian women.

Balm that resolves all skin issues!

❤ You can get more beautiful skin color once you apply【BioHerb】Pearl Luxury Whitening Balm~

Enjoy the amazing benefits in 1 balm, thanks to natural ingredients.

❤ 8 amazing effects in 1 whitening balm~

❤ Users are satisfied with a bottle of whitening balm~

Proven safe and effective!

Product detail
【BioHerb】Pearl Luxury Whitening Balm*1
Net Content: 30ml/ bottle
Place of Production: Taiwan
Ingredients: Vaselin、Mineral Oil、Ceresin Wax、Beeswax 、Lanolin Oil、Shea Butter、Titanium Dioxide、Pearl Powder、Talc、Licorice Extract、Methylparaben、Propylparaben、Salicylic Acid、Perfume、Tranexamic Acid、Hyaluronic Acid、Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Extract、Hydrolyzed fibronectin、Distilled Water
Direction of Use:
1. After cleaning your face, apply proper amount.

2.Gently massage until the essence is completely absorbed.

1. Keep product away from children.

2. Store product away from direct sunlight.

3. Avoid applying on open wounds, swollen or sensitive areas.

4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Consult with your dermatologist.

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    【BioHerb】Pearl Luxury Whitening Balm*1 (30ml) 699
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