〠〠Support Eye Function and Prevent Age-Related Eye Disease〠〠
《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set (30 capsules/bag)
①《BHK’S》EyeCare Lutein Pills Set(1 bag) →Discount Price: ₱ 899
②《BHK’S》EyeCare Lutein Pills Set(3 bags) →Discount Price: ₱ 1550 (₱ 516.6/Bag)
Free shipping offered & Cash on delivery

《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set

☄ Provide nutritive support for advanced eye health
☄ Fully absorb Lutein without wasting your money~
☄ Help protect against age-related vision conditions and external damage to eyes!
☄ Form pigment of retina that absorbs harmful UV light
Notice: The degree of the effect differ from different physiques!

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◘ Do you have eye pain or sore eyes while playing smart phones or using a computer all day long?
① 1 bag- 《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills
② 3 bags- 《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills

◘ 《BHK’S》is the only brand which have “fully absorbed” technique
It can help you absorbed nutrients effectively~

◘ If you have these visual symptoms, they are eyes' health warning!

◘ 《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set can help you protect your eyes successfully~

◘ 《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set is the only products with “full-absorbed” patent
Taking more Lutein is not equal to a great method in eye care.

◘ High-quality ingredients protect eyes comprehensively~
Lutein- Prevent from eye diseases and improve blood circulation to optic nerves.
- Include much anthocyanin which has high antioxidant to protect eyes

Vitamin A- Help you see in the dark clearly

◘ Who should have《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set to keep eyes healthy?
If you are students, office workers, smartphone addicts and the elder, you need supplements to support healthy eye function~

Product detail
《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set
①《BHK’S》EyeCare Lutein Pills Set(1 bag) →Discount Price: ₱ 899
②《BHK’S》EyeCare Lutein Pills Set(3 bags) →Discount Price: ₱ 1550 (₱ 516.6/Bag)
Content: 30 capsules/bag
Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Zn, Se, Marigolds Extracts, Clili Extracts, Grape Seed Extract, Purple rice extract, Black Currant, Bilberry Extracts
Storage Life: 3 years
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use:Take 1 pill after dinner every day.
Do NOT take more than 2 pills a day!!!
1. Keep in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.
2. The color of the pill may change due to the temperature, it is normal phenomenon.

《BHK’S》EyeCare Supplement Lutein Pills Set 899
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