Unique GrowUp Capsules for Teenagers and The Elderly
《GrowUp》Powerful Grow Taller Capsule*1 (30 capsules/ box)


《GrowUp》Powerful Grow Taller Capsule*1

✔ Contain a blend of ingredients that can help to boost your natural height safely and effectively without any harmful side-effects.
✔ Gain the confidence that comes with taller height.
✔ Get the advantages that taller height brings such as in sports and in everyday life!
✔ Please start to consume the capsules from 12 years old to get better effect!

NOTICE : Effectiveness varies from person to person

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Unique Formula for you to get taller height
No matter you are girls or boys.

NOTICE : Effectiveness varies from person to person

Not only grow taller but improve joint problems -
knees pain, Myofascial pain, sprained back, and Osteoporosis.

Made with nutritious ingredients- Ostrich Bone and Chinese Herb.

You can build up the strength of your physiques.

Strengthen Calcium absorption in your body.

2 Stages to strengthen bone
All strengthen formula passed by SGS labtory test

Product detail
《GrowUp》Powerful Grow Taller Capsule (1 box) 
Content: 582 mg±5% *30 capsules/ box

Ingredients: Water, Ostrich Bone, Ostrich Tendons, Ostrich Meat, Plastrum Testudinis, Antlers, Glycine tomentella Hayata, Polygonatum Sibiricum, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Gelatine, Titanium dioxide, Food Red No.6, Food Yellow No.5, Food Blue No.1
Product Place: Taiwan
Storage Life: 3 years

Direction of Use
1. Take 1~2 capsules before breakfast with 250 c.c. warm water. For better effect, we suggest you to continue taking the capsules without stopping!

2. Can NOT take capsules before sleeping!
3. Please start to consume the capsules from 12 years old to get better effect!

1. Can NOT take capsules before sleeping!
2. Pregnant women, those who are breast feeding children, and children under 12 should not consume the product.
3. Patients with special disease should consult with medical personnel before consuming the product.
4. Vegetarians can NOT take the product.
5. If you find any disorder after consuming the product, please stop consuming them.

Delivery and Payment Options
- Cash on Delivery (COD)
- For Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 2 to 3 business days
- Outside Metro Manila orders, delivery is within 4 to 7 business days

《GrowUp》Powerful Grow Taller Capsule*1 1299
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