❤❤ Easy to Peel off and Gloss Lip Tint Tattoo ❤❤
《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo - choose 1 from 4
➜Color: Candy Orange / Honey Peach / Berry Red / Shinning Lip Gloss at your choice
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《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo

➼ No Wear Off- Won’t fade when you kiss, drink and eat.
➼ Perfect Lip- Beautiful lip lasts all day long
➼ Easy to tear off- Won’t leave any color after tearing off Lip Tint Pack tattoo in 7 mins.
➼ No Sticky- Continually moisture your lips and make sexy lips

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✔ Easily have a sexy lip~

✔《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo is sold in 2006 ~
With a《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo, you don’t worry dark and dull lips~ It’s more convenient and faster to have a perfect lip.

✔ Let’s moisturize lips~

Make moisture and smooth sexy lips. 《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo won’t fade color and last for all day long.

✔ How to use

✔ Ingredients are more important

It’s safe and natural ingredients to moisturize lips.

✔ Berry Red- Sexy Red that catch everyone’s eyes

✔ Candy Orange- Exude your natural attractiveness

✔ Honey Peach- Make a cute and sweet smile

✔ Get the spotlight among women
It can turn crack and hard to put on cosmetic lips into moisturizing and cute lips~

Product detail
《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo - choose 1 from 4
Color: Candy Orange / Honey Peach / Berry Red / Shinning Lip Gloss
Content: 12ml
Ingredients: Hyaluronan, Brown sugar, Hydrolyzed collagen, Vitamin E, Royal jelly extract, Pomegranate extract, Tangerine peel extract, Purple michelia extract and Ficus carica extract
Storage life: 3 years
Place of Production: Korean
Direction of Use
1. With a lip brush, evenly apply on the lips. After 7-10 mins, tear off the lip tattoo slightly.
2. After tearing the lip tattoo, apply some on the lip to brighten.
1. Please slightly tear the lip tattoo off from outside to inside.
2. Do not use the product if you find your lips wounded or swollen.
3. Clean your lips before applying the product.
4. Please put the product in the place that children can not reach to.
5. Stop using when feeling irritated and consult a dermatologist.
6. If you accidentally put into your eyes, please rinse with water immediately and go to a hospital right away.
7. Please keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light. 

8. Please close the cap after using.

《Batti》Jelly Lip Tint Pack tattoo 699
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