❤Modify Your Body Shape like Sexy Angel Curves❤
《Angel》Sexy Embroidery Body Shaper *1(M/L/XL)
waistline 22.8-25.2 inches, choose M / waistline 25.2-27.6 inches, choose L/ waistline 26.4-28.8 inches, choose XL
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《Angel》Sexy Embroidery Body Shaper*1

➽Reduce waistline as well as uplift breasts and hips
➽Remain lightweight and easy to wear
➽Move around comfortably with a body shaper
➽Made from top light gauze - breathable materials
* This product cannot be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

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✣ Trim your hips, breasts and waist to give you the perfect shape

✣Tighten Redundant Fat on the All Parts of Your Body

✣From the Mundane to Sex Appeal is just a Distant of a Shaper

《Angel》Sexy Embroidery Body Shaper provides slimming and shaping support which gives an amazing makeover to everyone who wears it.

✣Give You Extra Firm Control

Flatten belly and uplift hips very well~

✣Correct Your Posture and Protect from Rhachiokyphosis by 3D Ergonomic Design

✣Convenient to Take off the Body Shaper

✣ Comfortable to Wear

✣Create Beauty Back

Product detail

《Angel》Sexy Embroidery Body Shaper *1
(M/L/XL at your choice)
✶✶ Important: This Product Comes in "Black" Only
Content: Black Body Shaper*1
Ingredients: 75% Lycra, 25% Nylon
Place of production:CHINA
Size Reference:

Direction of Wash

1. Please use the neutral detergent and clean water under 30℃ to wash the product.
2. After washing the product, please gently wring it and put it in a cool place to dry.
3. Please do not put the product into the washing machine to spin. Do not use laundry bleach and smooth it with a high temperature iron.
4. Please wash the product by your hands to prevent the spandex from being destroyed by washing machine.
1. Do not dry it through a dryer.
2. Do not wear the shaper for too long the first time you put it on, and gradually increase the time you wear it to let your body get familiar with the pressure better.
3. Please stop using if your skin is allergic to it or feel uncomfortable when using.
4. Please wash the product with clean water before first using. 
5. Due to color difference from picture please refer the actual goods for exact sample.
6. The shaping and pressing effects will gradually fade after long term of usage.
*Can not be returned once you wear the product due to personal hygiene issues. Please make sure that you select the correct SIZE before submitting the order.

《Angel》Sexy Embroidery Body Shaper*1 999
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