✠✠ Apply Daily Makeup Happily by Cute Doraemon Brushes ✠✠
《Shopping Beauty》Doraemon Foundation Makeup Tools Set*1 (7 pcs/ set)
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《Shopping Beauty》Doraemon Makeup Tools Set*1

✌ With proper care, your brushes can be used for years.
✌ Suitable for Professional use or Home use.
✌ Easy to stick powder and natural color.
✌ Include all the basics you need for daily applications.

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❦ As a woman, you must have a nice tool set to put on make up~
Doraemon cute tools satisfy your needs.

❦ Are you lack of a set of cute brushes in your collection?
Collect Japanese Doraemon brushes to put on cosmetics in good mood~

❦ Help you become a cute girl and put on make up easily~

❦ You can’t stop loving it after you brush the face.

❦ It’s easy for you to hold on hands~

❦ Complete beauty brushes combo~
There are 7 pieces in a set.

❦ With《Shopping Beauty》Doraemon Foundation Makeup Tools Set, no matter lip, eyes, cheeks, or face, you can put on perfect cosmetics every day~

❦ Let’s buy a cute beauty brushes that make you happy once you apply makeup~

Product detail
《Shopping Beauty》Doraemon Foundation Makeup Tools Set*1 (7 pcs/ set)
Content: Blusher Brush, Lip Brush, Contour Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeshadow
Sponge Brush, Foundation Brush, Powder Brush, Doraemon Bag
Product Place: China
1. It’s normal if you find some floating fluffy in the product.
2. Stop using the product if you find wounds and irritating.

《Shopping Beauty》Doraemon Makeup Tools Set*1 500
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