♢♢Best Weapon to keep You always look Young♢♢
《Dr.Douxi》Anti-Aging Veil and Cream Set
Egg Shell Revital and Lifting Veil (20g)*2 + Deep Effect Revitalizes Snail Repair Cream (15g)*1
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《Dr.Douxi》Anti-Aging Veil and Cream Set

♛ Moisturizing your dry skin just in one night.

♛ Special Technology to firm your face into V shape.
♛ Egg shell essence Whiten and Brighten your skin.
♛ Absorb within 15 minutes.

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✿ Tighten loose skin by moisturizing~ ^.^
✿ One night to retrieve oval face.
Make your face smooth and silky. Just like a baby!

✿ Deeply Repairing your Skin overnight!
Say goodbye to your wrinkles and never worry about looking old~

✿ Precious Ingredients to Maintain Your Skin!

The veil contains special ingredients that give you the brand new skin~

✿ Apply after basic skin care before going to bed.
Wait for 15 minutes until your skin absorb.
The veil turns into a mask in the morning that can be easily remove.

✿ Apply the veil before going to bed and wake up with the silky face!

✿ Deep Effect Revitalizes Snail Repair Cream
Not only remain your skin elastic but also make it Tight & Fair!

✿ Multifunctional snail cream creates perfect skin!
Dry skin, Dark skin, Aging skin three big problems all solved in one bottle!

✿ One of the Best selling of《Dr.Douxi》
The formula can be easily absorbed with lightweight texture and non-greasy~

Product detail
《Dr.Douxi》Anti-Aging Veil and Cream Set
Egg Shell Revital & Lifting Veil (20g)*2 + Deep Effect Revitalizes Snail Repair Cream (15g)*1

《Dr.Douxi》Egg Shell Revital and Lifting Veil:

Net Content: 20g/bottle, 2 bottles
Ingredients: Egg shell essence, Lecithin, Sodium hyaluronate, Bisabolol, Ceramide III, Vitamin B3 extracts
Storage life: 3 Years
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use:
1. Apply the veil on your face after basic maintenance.
2. Wait about 15 minutes for the veil to be absorbed and go to bed.
3. Splash the lukewarm water on your face to moisturize and soften your veil after you wake up.
4. Remove the softened veil inwards and rinse your face.

《Dr.Douxi》Deep Effect Revitalizes Snail Repair Cream

Net Content: 15g/bottle
Ingredients: Snail Secretion Filtrate, Hyaluronan, Aloe extracts, Sage extracts, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Pure water
Storage life: 3 Years
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use: Before sleeping, you have to apply Snail Repair Cream on the face. You can not wash off until you wake up in the morning.

1. Testing before use to avoid allergy.
2. Avoid applying on wound or the skin with other problems.
3. Stop using the product and consult the medical personnel if any uncomfortable situation occurs.
4. Keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.

《Dr.Douxi》Anti-Aging Veil and Cream Set 1099
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