♫Shape Your Waist, Belly and Hips ♫
《Beautify body》High-waist Shaping Panty*2 ( Black*1 & Beige*1)
Size: L / XL / XXL at your choice!
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《Beautify body》High-waist Shaping Panty*2

✔ Uplift your hips, slim your waist and flatten your belly

✔ Made of stretch fabric that fits and breathes well
✔ Feature elegant and sexy lace decoration
✔ Ideal for wearing underneath close-fitting clothing

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✯ Shape your waist, belly and hips to be sexy!

✯ Black- suitable to wear underneath dark color clothing

✯ Beige- suitable for wearing underneath light color clothing

✯ Perfectly solve the problems below:

✯ Suitable for office ladies, moms after giving birth, and others wishing to shape your body!

✯ Exclusive fabric that is soft and breathing, shaping you effectively with even pressure!

✯ Smart designs of the shaping panty:

Product detail
《Beautify body》High-waist Shaping Panty*2 ( Black*1 & Beige*1)

Content: Black*1 & Beige*1
Size: L / XL / XXL at your choice
L for height: 155-170cm; waistline: 22.5-26 inches
XL for height: 160-177cm; waistline: 26-29inches
XXL for height: 160-177cm; waistline: 26-33.1inches
Ingredients: Regenerated Cellulose Fiber
Place of Production: China

1. This product cannot be returned once the packing is opened.
2. There is no need to wear underwear under the shaping panty.
3. Avoid pulling and rubbing the product to prevent transformation.
4. It is suggested to gradually increase the time of wearing so that your body can adjust to the pressure well.
5. The colors of the products may be a little different from the photos shown above due to technical problems.

《Beautify body》High-waist Shaping Panty*2 1099
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