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《Realwoman》Natural Mud Mask(4 choose 1)
Seaweed clay mask/Canadian natural glacial clay/
Dead sea minerals facial mask/Mount St. Helens volcanic mud

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♕Hot seller - mud Mask
【Seaweed mud】Moisturizing and replenishing water to prevent from being dry
【Glacial mud】Moisturizing、soothing、deeply whitening
【Dead sea mud】Deeply whitening、adsorbing the excess oil、moisturizing, and soothing
【Volcanic mud】wiping out excess oil、cleansing pore、Wiping off dark

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➽The best choose of Skin-nursing in the summer!
Deeply whitening, adsorbing the excess oil, moisturizing, and soothing. Clean out your face or other place you want to apply on.

Best way for the beauty expert using to care her skin. Use the mineral feature of mud to recuperate skin’s problems

Mount St. Helens volcanic mud can wipe out excess oil、cleaning pore、Wiping off dark. Goodbye dark skin!

Dead sea minerals facial mask use the mineral feature of mud to recuperate skin’s problems.Nature ingredient is suitable for combination skin. Adsorb the excess oil and whiten effectively.

3 steps use it easily. Natural mud’s Perfect Care. You only take 10-15 mins.

Popular blogger, Mandy , love it so much. Mandy : So bright and moisturizing after using !!Everyone should try it now.

Famous model and blogger, Jean , Test this product. Love this Dead sea minerals facial mask so much!! She said: I use it every week to nurse my face. Let’s become prettier together.  

Famous model Lynn’s feelings: my skin is very dry, especially in fall and winter. This Seaweed clay mask helps me a lot to moisturize my skin and deep clean the pores.

《Realwoman》 Glacial mud/ Seaweed mud / Dead sea mud / Volcanic mud Mask set
Place of Production: Taiwan
Produce date:Indicated on the bottle
Expiration date::3 years (indicated on the bottom of the bottle)
Preserve:Please put the product in the shady place, and avoid sunray directly shining.

Name:Seaweed clay mask
Ingredient:red algae、brown alga、green alga、tequila、West Indian Lemongrass、sea fennel oil、 pearl barley、Caviar Extract、nature amino Acid、deep sea mud of Great Barrier Reef

Name:Canadian natural glacial clay
Ingredient:peptide、Focus、brown alga、hyaluromic acid、Scentless Chamomile、natural glacial clay

Name::Dead sea minerals facial mask
Ingredient:marine mud、hyaluromic acid、Scentless Chamomile、aloe extract、flower extract、Pot Marigold、pure water

Name:Mount St. Helens volcanic mud
Ingredient:blue algae、red algae、scenedesmus arcuatus、nicotinamide、hyaluromic acid、Scentless Chamomile、volcanic mud、pure water

Direction of use:
1. After cleaning your face or other place, take some and apply them evenly there.
2. Apply about 0.25 cm thickness. Apply our products for about 10-15 minutes except the surroundings of your eyes and mouth. After that, use water to wash them out. (You can personally reduce the time of applying.)
3. After cleaning, do the usual skin care.
4.Body:The same.
5.Breast:The same but avoid away from nipple.
1.Common skin:2-3times every week
2.Oily skin:3-5times every week
3. Sensitive skin:over 5 times every week
Key point: Diluting or without Diluting
1. Diluting :put out part of mud and add 20-50% water .You can apply it.
2.Without Diluting:Apply it directly.
✔Please test this product on your ear, wrist, or neck. After 5 minutes, if your skin didn’t get any symptom occurred, you can keep using.
✔Please put the product in the shady place, and avoid sunray directly shining.
✔If any symptom occurred, please stop applying and consult with doctor’s advises



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