Wear It, And 22 Inches Slim Waist Is Not A Dream Anymore!
《Turandot》Perfect Waist Shaper Corset*1 (M/L/XL)
Color: Black / Beige at your choice

waistline 20-22.5 inches, choose M / waistline 23-25 inches, choose L/ waistline 26-28 inches, choose XL
Free shipping offered & Cash on delivery

《Turandot》Perfect Waist Shaper Corset*1

❈ Exquisite thick material-Comfortable but not airtight
Memorized soft iron
-4 strip memorized soft iron make waist more slimmer
❈ Arc design-Put breasts up and centralize it
3 rows 11 buckles-Sculpture waist from outside to inside 

* This product can NOT be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

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❈ Are you the one who likes to take pictures in daily life?
However, you’ll see redundant fat on belly apparently after taking pictures. Although others won’t say a word, they notice your layer of fat belly.

❈ Get back to your 23 inches waist easily!

 Say goodbye to your love handles~

❈ Flat belly effectively- Get rid of strong body shape.

❈ Product Detail-Front – design to uplift breasts .
✔Arc design  ✔Soft gauze  ✔Elegant lace

❈ Product Detail-Back- trim body shape by adjustable 11 buckles
✔3 rows 11 buckles  ✔4 strip soft iron

❈Compare to shapers of other brands
You’ll know what the best waist shaper is!! 《Turando》Prefect Waist Shaper Corset is perfect, comfortable, high quality and effective!!!

❈ Fight off belly fat! Minimize 1 size in 3 secs~
《Turandot》Perfect Waist Shaper Corset is breathable to wear. Hide beer belly effectively and uplift breasts.

❈ A great shaper gives you elegant posture~

Product detail
《Turandot》Perfect Waist Shaper Corset*1 (M/L/XL)
Color: Black / Beige at your choice

Place of production:CHINA

Important: Correct size depends on plastic bag's mark! Please ignore the size sheet on the corset.

Material: Cotton, Lace
Product weight:200g
Direction of Wash
1. Please use the neutral detergent and clean water under 30℃ to wash the product.
2. After washing the product, please gently wring it and put it in a cool place to dry.
3. Please do not put the product into the washing machine to spin. Do not use laundry bleach and smooth it with a high temperature iron.
4. Please wash the product by your hands to prevent the spandex from being destroyed by washing machine.
5. Do not dry it through a dryer.

1. Please do not pull with force in case the product is damaged.
2. This is similar like normal clothing; depending on the frequency you wear, the easier it is to fall off, the product effects would decrease.
3. When you first use your product, it is suggested to slowly increase the frequency of wearing for your body to adjust.
4. If you feel any discomfort wearing it, please stop and consult your physicians.
5. There may be color discrepancy on the referenced photographs, actual products would be the correct colors.
** Can not be returned once you wear the product due to personal hygiene issue. Please make sure that you select the correct SIZE  before submitting the order

《Turandot》Perfect Waist Shaper Corset*1 899
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