♫ Remove Terrible Calluses with a Few Rolls 
《Kolin》Perfect Foot Electric Callus Remover*1 (Pink/ Blue)
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《Kolin》Perfect Foot Electric Callus Remover

The most popular foot care product in 2015
A safe, fast, and convenient way to remove calluses
Exclusive roller design removes calluses thoroughly
 Water-proof, portable, and washable

* This product cannot be returned due to hygiene reason 

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✚ Pink/ Blue colour at your choice!

✚ A convenient, quick, and safe way to remove calluses!


✚ More time-saving than foot mask, and less painful than stone!

✚ Before and after: remove calluses and not hurting soft skin!


✚ WOW~waterproof


✚ Can also be used while taking shower!!

✚ Small and light

✚ Product structure:

✚ Instruction: changing battery

✚ Notation: No battery contained in the product!

 Free gift sent out randomly
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《Kolin》Perfect Foot Electric Callus Remover*1 (Pink/ Blue)
Free Gift Sent Out Randomly

Content: Electric Callus Remover*1+ Free Rolling Wheel*1+ Free Cleaning Brush*1 (Notation: no battery offered)
Product Model:
Input voltage:
3V(AA Battery x 2)
Power consumption:
Product size:
15.4x6x3 cm
Rolling wheel material:
Trace mineral particles
1. Dry your skin before using the product.
2. Avoid using the product on wounded, swollen, or eczema areas.
3. Keep the product away from children
4. If you find any discomforts after using the product, please stop using and consult with medical personnel.
5. Rolling wheel damage condition depend on the number of personal use, the time of personal use and callus condition, if you feel rolling wheel doesn’t working, please change new one.
6. Rinse the product whenever needed.
7. If you find calluses stuck on the rolling wheel, please slightly brush them away
8. Do not impose too much force when using the product. 

9. This product cannot be returned due to hygiene reason. 

《Kolin》Perfect Foot Electric Callus Remover 1199
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