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《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills Set(1 box/2boxes at your choice)
《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills(1 box)   →Discount Price:699PHP
《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills(2 boxes) →Discount Price:1199PHP(599PHP per box)
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➽Contains 10 kinds of breast enhancer ingredients!!!

➽Calorie saving and breast enhancing effect maximized!
➽Effect shows in only 1 month!
➽SGS certificate guarantees product safety!
Notice: The degree of the effect differ from different physiques! 

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➽Why do we need to have busty breast??
The answer is so easy…

➽Even works on women over 25 years old!

Get busty confidence!

➽So many breast enhancer ingredients as you see…

➽Experiment lets us know…
Our product works better than green papaya and mirifaca!

➽Although there are many other ways to enhance breasts...
None can beat the Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills!

➽2 Pills + massage every day = Busty woman

➽Recommended by many bloggers!!

➽See how effective it is!!! Sharing by Philipines fans!

Product detail
《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills Set(1 box/2boxes at your choice)

《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills(1 box) Discount Price:699PHP
《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills(2 boxes) Discount Price:1199PHP
Content: 20 Pills/ box
Ingredients: Vaccaria purified Pueraria (Mirifica), Green Papaya Extract, Bird’s Nest Acid, Royal Jelly, Organic
Borage Oil, Fenugreek Son, White Motherwort, Ginseng, Angelica, Fish Collagen.
Direction of Use: Take 1 Pills each morning and evening with 250~350ml warm water(Please take Pills before meal)
Storage Life: 2 years
Place of production: Taiwan

1. Pregnant woman, those who are breast feeding children , and children under 12 should not try the product.
2. Patients with special disease should consult with a doctor before trying the product.
3. Women during menstruation should not take the product.
4. Keep the product in a cool place.

(1 Box)《Realwoman》Vaccaria Breast Enhancer Pills 699
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