♞♞ Remove Hair Without Pain ♞♞
《Gemei》Portable Mini Ladies Shaver*1 (AA battery not included)
What's in the box: 1x Mini Ladies Shaver (AA battery not included), 1x Small Pouch,
1x User Manual (English/Chinese)

Cash on Delivery (COD) with FREE shipping


➔ Easily remove excess body hair. Suitable for shaving underarms, arms, and legs
➔ Get a clean shave without tugging at sensitive skin
➔ Pocket-sized and travel-friendly
➔ Easy to use

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1. Remove excess body hair effortlessly!

2. Very convenient to use and does not damage the skin!

3. Painless removal of unwanted hair with long-lasting results!

4. Slim and compact design allows you bring it anywhere!

Product detail
《Gemei》Portable Mini Ladies Shaver*1
What's in the box: 1x Mini Ladies Shaver (AA battery not included), 1x Small Pouch, 1x User Manual (English/Chinese)
Product Place: China
Directions for Use:
1. Remove the cap and inspect the blade. Do not use if it is damaged or out of shape.
2. Insert a new AA Lithium battery. Replace battery once the shaver sounds weak when turned on.
3. Position the shaver against the skin and move it slowly in a circular motion to remove excess hair in a specific area.
4. Once done, turn off the appliance and replace the cap.
5. Remove battery when not in use.
Delivery and Payment Options:
- Cash on Delivery (COD)
- Free shipping (via LBC)
1. Avoid using the product on wounded or irritated skin areas.
2. Should you feel any discomfort during use, stop using immediately.
3. Turn off the shaver before rinsing the roller head. Hair that is stuck in the blades can be brushed away with a roller brush.
4. AA battery required. Batteries are not included upon purchase.
5. This product is not returnable due to hygienic and sanitary reasons.

《Gemei》Portable Mini Ladies Shaver*1 999
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