Strong Cleaning Ability That Swept Out All Dirt and Stains
《Black Membrane》Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner Set (350g/ box)
1 box: ₱ 500

2 boxes: ₱ 799 (₱ 399.5/Box)
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- 99.9% Pure Oxygen Cleaning Ability - All stains can be removed!
- No Hurt Your Skin- Made from pure oxygen without chemical material!
No Bad Odor- The cleanser can deodorize container and kitchenware.
- 30 Times Clean-Up Ability- You won’t brush dirt and stains, and they will be swept out by soaking on hot water.

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✚ Only soak with hot water, and you can clean 99.9% of fouling rate.

✚ No brush by hands! 99.9% natural oxygen.

✚ 30 Times Cleaning Ability
Natural safe detergent can sterilize bacterial. 1 bottle is consisted of detergent powder, dishwashing liquid, and disinfectant.

✚ SGS Antibacterial Detection →Bacteriostasis rate was up to 99.9%.

✚ The natural oxygen granule will become oxygen when it soaks into the water. Oxygen will pass through virus’ cell wall and oxidize protein and ribonucleic acid to deodorize.

✚ Unique Patent Technique to break down stains easily.

✚ After soaking hot water and《Black Membrane》Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner, all container will be cleaned out.

✚ Super Detergent! Soak hot water to clean cups and kitchenware without brushing.
Even if the stains have left for 10 years or old containers reluctant to throw away, you can use《Black Membrane》Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner clean up.

✚ Let’s try to remove all oily stains and yellow dirts.

Product detail
《Black Membrane》Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner Set
1 box: ₱ 500

2 boxes: ₱ 799(₱ 399.5/Box)
Content: 350 g/ box
Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate, pure soda, baking soda
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use:
1. Add 10g Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner to 1 liter (For better effect, please put into about 40°C water), soak dirty containers 15 minutes, and then wash by water.
2. If there is serious stains, please put more Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner and hotter water. The surface using coating technology can NOT use the product to clean.
** The product can be used as milk bottle cleanser to clean grass, metal, plastic, silicon.
** The product also can be used as tea scale and coffee cleanser to wash glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, and red porcelain material. Moreover, you can wash kettle, Space cup, sports kettle, mugs, readily cup, and coffee machine.
** You can clean your dentures with the product.
1. Please don’t use in Airtight container, or the container may explode.
2. Please keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.
3. Please keep the product away from children.
4. Don’t mix with other chemistry like Chlorine, Bleach, and Ammonia.
5. Suggest NOT use for jewelry(except for gold), emulsion, paint, wood, wool, silk, and leather.

《Black Membrane》Oxygen ELF Universal Cleaner Set 500
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