❦ Show Up Perfect Silk Feet In Front Of Your Lover ❦
《SAMPO》Electric Callus Remover*1 (Green/ Purple)
With 2 Replaceable Roller Heads & 1 Cleaning Brush Offered
Big Sale PHP 1199 →PHP 999
Free Shipping Offered & Cash on Delivery


❤ Remove dead skin and calluses to get silky feet
❤ Feature roller made of natural mineral particles
❤ Roller head spins 360 degrees for thorough removal
❤ Safe, light, and portable
Notation: This product is not returnable due to hygiene reasons

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➷ Let's see how amazing an electronic remover is to refresh your feet!

➷ Not only women but also men should also take care of their feet in their daily life~

➷ Your couple accompanies you for life, but do you think of their needs?

➷ Take one per person, and pamper each other feet in daily life~
It’s waterproof and easy to take~

➷ How do you feel when you touch a pair of feet with calluses during sleep?

➷ However, with a convenient Electric Callus Remover, you can avoid this kind of embarrassment.

➷ It’s easy to carry wherever you go.

➷ Remove your calluses in 30 sec
Be a considerate lover~

Product detail
《SAMPO》Electric Callus Remover*1 (Green/ Purple)
Content: Electric Callus Remover*1, Roller Heads*2, Roller Brush*1, Protective Cap*1(Notation: No free battery offered)
Ingredients: Plastic, Natural Mineral Particles
Product Place: China
Direction of Use:
1. Fill 2 AA batteries.
2. Cleanse and dry your feet.
3. Assemble the roller head.
4. Press the button with your thumb and push upwards to turn on the remover.
5. Slightly roll through each callus area for about 2-3 seconds. Do not press the remover too hard or it will stop operating.
6. Turn off the machine and cleanse the roller head.
1. The remover can only work on dry skin.
2. Do not roll through wounded or irritated skin areas.
3. If you find any discomforts or irritation when using the remover, please stop using and consult with medical personnel.
4. The roller head will gradually get worn. Please replace it when the removing effect fades.
5. Rinse the roller head when the remover is turned off. If you find dead skin stuck, slightly brush it away with the roller brush offered.
6. No free battery offered for this product.
7. This product is not returnable due to hygiene reasons.

《SAMPO》Electric Callus Remover*1 999
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