♚♚Become A Beauty With Plump Lips In 90 Secs♚♚
《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper*1 (① Cherry Red / ② Grape Green)
** No Jelly Soft Mouth Cover Include

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❒ Enhancer the thickness of your lips like westerners.
❒ Plump lips to remove wrinkles on the lips.
❒ Moisturize lips to make your lips plumper.
❒ Make lips gloss immediately.

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ஐ You won’t envy or dream of westerner’s plump lips anymore~
Cherry Red-《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper
Grape Green-《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper

ஐ Do you have these kinds of lips’ problems?
With《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper, you can have plumper lips~

ஐ Quality Guarantee
It’s safe to get attractive lips~

ஐ Only 90 secs, keep lips plumper in 24 hours~

ஐ Direction of Use

ஐ Many people prove that it really works on both gender~

ஐ Hot Seller~ If you don’t buy today, maybe it will be out of stock next day~

ஐ Clinical Trials Report
Get double- lobed lips effectvely~

ஐ Don’t feel unconfident of dry lips with fine lines~
You can have explicit facial feature once you start to use《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper.

Product detail
《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper*1 (① Cherry Red / ② Grape Green)
Content: 2.7 ounces
Storage Life: 3 years
Product Place: China
Direction of Use: Keep the effect for all day long.
Step 1
There is lips pattern inside The Best Lip Plumper. Please put your lips in the middle of plumper,(Cherry Red)《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper - Put your lower lips to the middle of pattern; (Grape Green)《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper - Put your lower lips to the middle of line.
Step 2
Press CandyLipz to leak out the air and pout lips. Once you feel you are sucked into plump and than put hands down. (Don’t put “whole mouth” to The Best Lip Plumper. It may cause you to bruise.)
Step 3
Wait about 30 secs, take The Best Lip Plumper out. If you want more apparent effects, you have to repeat step 1~3 again. It’s like lips exercising to boost blood circulation and get back to young lips.
1. Don’t put “whole mouth” to The Best Lip Plumper. It may cause you to bruise.
2. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight.
3. Please stop using immediately when you feel uncomfortable or your skin appears abnormal red swollen and seek medical advice.
4. No Jelly Soft Mouth Cover Include.

《Candylipz》Mini Lip Plumper*1 659
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