♗♗Suppress Appetite~ Even Eating All the Time Won’t Get Fat~♗♗
《Lady Wikiki》Advanced Weight Loss Pill Bag*1 (20 pills/ bag)
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➪ It works on both genders!!!
➪ Increase Satiety- The product makes you feel full easily, so you won’t eat too much.
➪ Stimulate Bowel Movement- Improve physiques and smoothly defecate.
➪ Boost Metabolism- Sweep out all dirt from your bowel. Exercising at the same time will fat better effects.
➪ Help You Digest- Safe, Healthy, and No Burden with High Concentration of Natural Ingredients like Capsaicin and Cinnamon!
Notice: The degree of the effect differ from different physiques!

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➣ Every girl can not help eating delicious food, but some of them have their secret to keep fit, even eat excess dishes~

➣ We won’t feel constipated anymore.
We won’t worry about eating more, if you have《Lady Wikiki》Advanced Weight Loss Pills❤

➣ Exercising + Balance Diet- The first step to keep perfect curvy figure
You won’t be afraid to attend parties or eat in the restaurant~

➣ Start to get slender fit now~ Feel Full+ Defecate Smoothly+ Boost Metabolism➺ All In ONE

➣ New Advanced Product- Your Beauty Secret
Capsaicin- Boost Metabolism
Cinnamon Powdered- Adjust basic physical function
Chromium Picolinate- Increase Satiety

➣ SGS Certification
Guarantee your saety~

Product detail
《Lady Wikiki》Advanced Weight Loss Pill Set*1
Net Content: 20 pills /bag * 300mg/capsule
Ingredients: Capsaicin, Cinnamon Powdered, Chromium Picolinate, Magnesium stearate, Magnesia, , Corn starch, Senna, Silica
Storage Life: 2 years
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use: Take 1 capsule before dinner with 250ml warm water. To enhance the result, take another capsule before breakfast! Do NOT take more than 2 pills a day!!!
1. Pregnant woman, those who are breast feeding children, and children under 12 should not try the product.
2. Patients with special disease should consult with a doctor before trying the product.
3. There are 6 mg Senna in every pill. Please do NOT take over 12 mg.
4. Vegetarian can take the product.
5. Keep the product in a shady place to avoid direct sun light.

《Lady Wikiki》Advanced Weight Loss Pill Set*1 659
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