☼☼ Say Goodbye to Yellow Tartar, Welcome Your Confident Smile ☼☼
《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Dentifrice (1 box)
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✱ Natural Herbal- Adopt traditional Chinese herbs to protect enamel and prevent from decayed tooth and periodontal disease.
✱ Keep Oral Clean And Repair Gingival- Keep oral fresh with mint and citrus medicine.
✱ Clean Plaque Effectively- Clean yellow tartar and prevent from periodontal disease and gm disease.
✱ Balance PH level- Maintained alkaline environment and protect your teeth from decay.

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☸ How much do you know about toothpaste?

☸ Are you afraid of laughing due to these oral problems?
Then, it’s important to choose correct dentifrice to clean your oral completely!

☸ Safe ingredients and clean teeth effectively~

☸ Maintain good smell in your oral and balance the PH value to prevent from decay teeth

☸ Natural herbs to reduce dental plague effectively

☸ Before & After
It’s really amazing to remove all yellow tartar away!

☸ Research from Taiwan medical university

☸ It’s never too late to treat your oral if you have 1 box of 《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Dentifrice~

Product detail
《Fay Jardin》Natural Herbal Whitening Dentifrice (1 box)
Content: 25 g / box
Ingredients:Aloe,Dong Quai,licorice,Mint,Cortex lycii radicis,Gentian,sorbitol,lemon extract,dicalcium phosphate,Sodium bicarbonate (mineral extract)
Storage Life: 3 years
Product Place: Taiwan
Direction of Use:
1. Soak the toothbrush and swing it lightly. Pick up a right amount of dentifrice and apply them in the teeth to the gums. Wash thoroughly gaps between teeth and massage the gums. Brush your teeth at least three minutes or more to a better tooth cleaning.
2. It can be used after breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

1. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
2. Please use up within two months after unpacking

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