♕♕Show Your Busty Breasts with Show Bra♕♕
《SHOW BRA》Perfect Busty Bikini Bra*1 (For Cup A and Cup B)
Color: Beige/Black/Pink at your choice
** If your cup size is larger than Cup C, please buy another kind of bra.

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♕ Lift and shape your breasts, making them busty

♕ Invisible underneath any kinds of clothing
♕ Reusable and can be worn for hours every time
♕ Made from light, breathable, and qualified materials
♕ Suitable for all breast sizes!!!
* This product cannot be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

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❤ Show bra prevent nip slip AND make your breasts busty!

❤ It is suitable for ALL breast sizes!!!

❤ Show bra sticks to your breasts for hours and is reusable!

❤ It is lighter, stickier, and safer than other invisible bras!

❤ See the effects of show bra:

❤ Direction of Use:

Product detail
《SHOW BRA》Perfect Busty Bikini Bra*1 (For Cup A and Cup B)
Color: Beige/ Black/ Pink at your choice
Content: Bikini Bra*1
Net Weight: 25g
Ingredient: Silicone, Cotton, Spandex
Product Place: China
Size: If you are 32A 34A 36A 32B 34B, it's ok for you to choose any color of 《SHOW BRA》Perfect Busty Bikini Bra.
** If your cup size is larger than Cup C, please buy another bra.
Direction of Use:
1.Tear off the protecting plastic.
2.Wear the right cup and adjust your right breast position.
3.Wear the left cup and adjust your left breast position. Make sure that both breasts have even shape.
4.Press the cups to your breasts for 15 seconds.
5.Uplift your breasts and bra; then buckle the button up.

1.Do not apply any body lotion to your breasts before wearing the show bra.
2.Clean the bra after every usage.
3.Do not wear it over 3 hours the first time.
4.Do not wear it over 5-8 hours each time.
5.Do not pull the product too hard or it will break.
6.The sticking effects will gradually fade along the increasing usage.
7.This product cannot be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

《SHOW BRA》Busty Bikini Bra*1 (For Cup A and B) 599
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