Strengthen Shape your Body! 
Get “S” Curve Right-Now when Wearing Corset~~

《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset*1
waistline 75-80 cm, choose M / waistline 78-84 cm, choose L/ waistline 86-92 cm, choose XL
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✸500 Denim - Double pressure! Wipe out your fat belly!!

✸9 rows 3 buckles - From outside to inside! Deeply slimming step by step!
✸3D pushing - Not easy to move! Perfectly shaping your body!

✸Special design - Enhance pressure to push your butt up!
*This product cannot be returned due to personal hygiene reason.

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✿We can save your fat lower part of body!!!
Quickly wearing the《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset~~

Slim waist✘Butt up✘Flat belly

✿Even though I am working hard in exercising, I cannot reach the perfect curve…
The pear-shaped body is really difficult to be slim!!!

Wear the《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset, to have the 22 inches waist and prevent the fat from piling up!!!

✿500 denim!! Double pressure to slim your body~~

✿Wipe out the fat!! Become slimming even when sitting~~
With this《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset, you do not need to exercise!!

500 denim! Double pressure! Design for you~~~

✿Special cutting!! Be directed against the key point of the fat~~
Slim your waist and butt!!

So comfortable when wearing in a long time.

✿3D butt-wrap design!! Easy to be slimming with this corset~~
Stably wrap the pendulous butt! Strengthen UP!

✿All in one!!! 9 rows 3 buckles✘3D butt-wrap type✘Double layer material~~
Even wear the pencil skirt, you do not have to worry about fat belly and butt anymore!!

✿3D cutting + Double pressure = the Champion in the world of Corsets!!!
Comfortable✘Effective~~ What are you waiting for??

Product detail
《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset*1
Waist     Hip       Thigh 
75-80cm 86-94cm 48-52cm M
78-84cm 89-97cm 52-56cm L
86-92cm 91-99cm 56-60cm XL
Weight: 200g
Breathable gauze + Cotton
Place of Production:

1. Please do not pull with force in case the product is damaged.
2. This is similar like normal clothing; the times this product could use is depending on the frequency you wear and the habits when you wearing.
3. When you first use your product, it is suggested to slowly increase the frequency of wearing for your body to adjust.
4. If you feel any discomfort wearing it, please stop and consult your physicians.
5. Due to color difference from picture please refer the actual goods for exact sample.
6. Can not be returned once you wearing the product due to personal hygiene issue. Please make sure that you select the correct SIZE  before submitting the order.

《Turandot》500 Tannins Slimming Corset*1 599
If you have any problems about products, pls indicate which products you are concerned about and pm Thank you very much~
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