"Regain Natural Glow for Your Skin!"
《a’rin》Whitening Sugar Body Scrub*1- choose 1 from 3
 ➜Scent: Lemon Grapefruit / Champagne Mint / Pink Rose
★ Important: Close the lid tightly to prevent the product from spoiling.
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+ Brown sugar & trehalose reflesh and moisturize your skin!
+ Rich in vitamin C for elastic skin and anti-aging effect! 
+ Jojoba particles added for effective exfoliation! 
+ Fruit oil with pleasant aroma makes skin glow!
+ A popular product introduced in Taiwanese TV shows! 
+ Natural and mild to all types of skin!

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♣ Look~ Whiten knees, elbows and feet~

♣ Scrubbed off all the dead skin for baby smooth skin!

♣Amazing tenderizing and whitening effects!!

♣3 Scent at your choice!!
Lemon Grapefruit

Champagne Mint

Pink Rose

♣Can be applied to all parts of limbs!

♣Before & After: Legs

♣Before & After: Knees

♣Taiwanese SGS Certificate guarantees product quality

Product detail
《a’rin》Whitening Sugar Body Scrub*1- choose 1 from the 3
Approach: Exfoliates and hydrates skin.
Net Weight:
180g/ jar 

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Trehalose, Jojoba Grains, Hydrating Blend Oil
Storage: Keep the product in shady place to avoid direct sun light.
Direction of use:
Apply the scrub to your body by hands, and massage to exfoliate your skin. Appyling 2-3 times a week is enough.

1.If any symptoms below occurred, please stop applying the product and ask for doctor’s advice:

 (1) skin gets rash, swollen, itchy
 (2) Above-mentioned symptoms appear after sun tan
2.Do not apply the product on body areas which are wounded, swollen, or with eczema.
3.  Close the lid tightly to prevent the product from spoiling.

《a’rin》Whitening Sugar Body Scrub*1 750
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