Never seen before! Not only as speaker.FIVE functions in One!!!
 《Hanlin》Q-BOX Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Speaker
(Pink/Blue/White/Green at your choice)/(Important:Only work on android systems)
Free shipping offered & Cash on delivery|


Remote-controlled Self-timer: take selfies so easy!

Positioning: never lose your cell phone again!
Music playing: carry on your music everywhere~
Hands free: only one-click!! Answering your 
 phone calls~~
Bling-bling colors: four colors at your choice~~

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Q-BOX Multifunctional Speaker~ Conquer your ears!!
Using mini and cute design let you easy to carry on.
So small! So light!
But!!!! Beside speaker, we also have a lot of functions in one like Hands free design, Bluetooth self-timer, Track positioning, Searching design and so on ~~

Bling-bling~~ Multifunctional and So convenient to carry on!!!
Candy-like colors~
With Dust plug hanging wire!! Wow, soooo cool ~~~

Shake your body with unstopping music!!!
Let’s listen to music together and have fun~~
No matter use cell phone to listen to music, watch videos, or play games, Q-BOX gives you the best high qualities!!!

So small~~ So light~~

Hey~~ Singing together with friends!!
Never miss important phone calls when driving!!

Hanlin Q-Box with Microphone design!!! Only one press, directly answering phone calls~~ So convenient!! So safe!!

With Headset Charm!!! Easy to carry on ~~
Hands free design!!! Easy to answer~~

Take selfies by yourself~~ Don’t have to ask someone’s help anymore!!
Keep your best memories anytime~~ Click Click Click !!!

High qualities~~ Easy to charge a battery!!!

Love it soon after using!!
Q-Box Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Speaker, Sooo cool~~~

NCC Certification Patent Design!!!
BSMI certification R39542

Install the exclusive APP ~Having these functions in one~~
(The functions of taking pictures and so on are ONLY support Android systems. IOS system is still in development.)

How to Download?
1. Open the web:

2. Click ”>>下載安卓APP<<” ("Download Android App”)

3. After downloading, please open up the APP and click “Setup”.

4. Start your cell phone’s Bluetooth
5. Open the QBOX, and use Bluetooth to search it. After searching, connect your cell phone and QBOX. There will show “Bluetooth device is already connected.”
6. Open the APP(HANLIN自拍器→”HANLIN Selfie Speaker”)
7. Click “Not Connected(未連接)". After searching Qbox, click it.

8. “Connected(已連接)" appeared shows that your cell phone has already connected with QBOX.

How to use the Functions?
1. Start the functions whichever you want. However, your cell phone and the QBOX’s distance can not be over 10 meters.
Ex1. Open up “Self-timer” ("遙控拍照"). Enter the camera by Single-Click on QBOX. Then, double-click to take photos.

Ex2. Open up “Finding QBOX” ("尋找防丟藍芽音箱"). Click the icon of finding. Then the QBOX will make a sound.

Ex3. Open up “Finding my cell phone” ("尋找手機"). Do single-click and then double-click on QBOX. Your cell phone will make a sound. After you found it, click twice on QBOX to stop it.

Ex4. Open up “Protect QBOX from losing” ("音箱防丟保護"), and “Protect your cell phone from losing” ("手機防丟保護"). Once you open this function, if your cell phone and QBOX’s distance is over 10 meters, your cell phone and QBOX will make a sound.

Product detail
《Hanlin》Q-Box Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Speaker
Colors: Pink, Blue, White, Green
Rated power:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Bluetooth version:
V3.0+EDR  (Automatically memorizing paired up)
Through-put power:
Wireless Hertz:
Transmission distance:
10 m
Charge time:
no longer than 2 hour (charging voltage: 5V)
Speaking/listening to music time:
2~3 hour
Standby time:
7~8 hour
2.9cm x 2.7cm x2.7cm
3 months
Place of production:
China (Taiwan supervise)

Except basic functions(listening to music and speaking), the functions of taking pictures and so on are ONLY support Android systems. (IOS system is still in development.)

Q-Box Multifunctional Bluetooth Selfie Speaker 1199
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