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 The Best Make-up for Your Legs!  

                  《CAST’EE》Air Stocking Spray* 3 pcs set

* Free Shipping offered & Cash on delivery


Smoothes and covers uneven skin on legs. 
♛ Functions as tinted moisturizer for legs.
♛ Without uneasiness of traditional panty hose.
Water-proof and sweat-proof; also applicable to arms and back.
♛ Covering effect sustains for 8 hours; won’t wear off on clothes.

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Amazing modified effect!!!

★ Natural Whitening Effect and Protection for your legs!

★ See the Difference!!
Before & After

★ Can Conceal Dark Spot & Cover Wound!!

★ Directions of Use:
- Shake the bottle several times for mix well.
- Apply to clean dry skin.
- Press and spray about 20cm away from the skin.
- Apply and spread quickly with your fingertips.
- Allow to dry thoroughly before wearing clothes or shoes.
- wash it out with water and soap.

★ Easy Spray, Beautify your legs!

★ Approach:
Formulated to properly color and even skin to make legs look flawless.

No matter where do you want to go,you can also spray our product~~
such as...
Go to beach
Water-proof material good for swimming

spray on your legs, back ,arms


Real case by customer Klongy Jen

★ Ingredients:
Water,rose Floewr Water,Glycerin,1.3-butylene glycol,
Butane,Tltanium Dioxide,Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate,Mica, Nylon-12,Alanine, Arginine Glutamic Acid,Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract,Scutellaria Alpina.

★ Net Weight:65g* 3 piece





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